Nigerian Bank Sort Codes: Meaning And Uses Of Sort Code In Nigeria.

 What is a SORT code?: What Are The Uses Of Sort Codes In Nigeria.

A sort code is a number which is assigned to a branch of a bank for internal purposes. They are typically 6 digits in the format ##-##-##.

You are about to receive money or make an online transfer and you were asked to provide you bank sort code or probably after completing your Industrial Training as a student you were asked to provide your bank details, including your sort code to receive payment.
    Many Nigerians have been in that situation at one point in time and most people do not know the sort code of the bank they operate with and it is quite easy to get.
    Sort code helps in determining the source of an account i.e. the branch and location of an account number where funds needs to be directed especially whenever e-payments is to be carried out.
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