Guaranty Trust Bank also known as GTBank, is one of Nigeria’s biggest and most popular banks, catering to the banking needs of its citizens. The gtbank transfer code *737# itself is a service provided by the bank, to enable the easy transfer of funds from GTBank to other banks in Nigeria. This gt bank transfer code, also called GTBank mobile banking acts as a platform that lets you perform different transactions without you needing to visit the bank in person. With it you can do anything from transferring money, paying your utility bills, checking your account balance, opening an account via USSD, purchasing airtime and mobile data for yourself and others, withdraw cash without a debit card, make inquiries, and take Airtime loans like MTN Xtrabytes. In this article, we will further discuss the gt transfer code, its benefits, features, frequently asked questions about the USSD code, share other variations of this bank code and various transactions you can use them for.


What is gtb transfer code?

Advantages of the gt bank ussd code

GTBANK 737 codes and their transactions

How to transfer with gtb code

How to check your account balance with the gtbank account balance code

How to recharge your phone with the code to buy airtime from gtbank

How to register and reset gtb transfer pin

How to activate the gtb transfer code

How to deactivate your gtb ussd transfer code

Frequently asked questions about the *737# service answered

Content: What is gtb transfer code? Advantages of the gt bank ussd code GTBANK 737 codes and their transactions How to transfer with gtb code How to check your account balance with the gtbank account balance code How to recharge your phone with the code to buy airtime from gtbank How to register and reset gtb transfer pin How to activate the gtb transfer code How to deactivate your gtb ussd transfer code Frequently asked questions about the *737# service answered Meanwhile check out: List of FirstBank USSD Codes – How to Activate FirstBank USSD Code What is gtb transfer code? The transfer code for gt bank *737# is a simple number that allows you to conveniently perform certain transactions like transferring money from your Guaranty Trust Bank to the account of another person, from your mobile phone. The gt ussd code is so easy to use and memorise that with a simple tap of your phone buttons, you can move large amounts of funds from your bank account to someone else in a few minutes. However, keep in mind that using this service attracts charges at the end of the month and that there are also daily limits on the amount you can transfer with gt bank ussd code. Additionally, the gt bank mobile banking code, similarly serves as a way for you to purchase airtime or data for yourself and others, pay bills, make enquiries, and perform other banking transactions with your mobile phone, all from the comfort of your home. Advantages of the gt bank ussd code Being able to perform any transaction without always having to memorise numbers or visit the bank is one of the many benefits of using the gt mobile banking code, which you can enjoy as a user at minimal cost. Other benefits of the gt bank mobile code include: Immediate value. Better cash management. Fast and timely service leading to reduction in turnaround time. Simple, easy and cost-effective to operate. It works with any type of mobile phone. Does not require data or internet service for transactions. Express checkout. GTBANK 737 codes and their transactions In addition to being able to transfer money with the *737# ussd code for gtbank transfer, there are other unique codes provided by GT Bank, which you can use for other banking transactions, we have shared them below in a way that is easy for you to memorize them:

How to transfer with gtb code In case you were wondering how to transfer money from gtb, you should know that transferring money whether to another bank’s account or a GT Bank account is one of the easiest things to do. Especially since it works well if you are transferring with the same number you used to open your bank account and you have a valid BVN linked to the account. Usually the code *737# covers any transaction you wish to perform on your GT Bank account, however unique variations of it can be used to transfer money to GT bank or to different banks. For this section, we have discussed how to transfer from gtb to other banks and how to transfer money from gtb account to another gtb account. how to transfer from gtbank to gtbank: The gtb to gtb transfer code to use for sending money to other Gtbank users is *737*1*Amount*Nuban#. Below we have left the step on how to transfer from gtb to gtb: 1. First dial the gt bank code for transfer *737*1*, followed by the amount you wish to send, the NUBAN account number of the recipient and then hash. 2. Press the send button. 3. Next you receive a prompt on your phone screen, for how to complete the process. 4. Enter your mobile banking pin to authorize the transaction. how to transfer money from gtb to other bank: The gtb transfer code to other bank is *737*2*Amount*Nuban#. Below is the step by step process on how to transfer on gtb: 1. Dial the code to transfer money from gtbank to other bank accounts, that is * 737*2*amount*recipient’s account number# 2. Hit send, to receive a prompt for the next steps to take to complete the process. 3. Ensure that you verify the receiver’s details and amount you want to send. 4. Enter your mobile banking transaction pin to authorize the transfer. How to check your account balance with the gtbank account balance code You can check your GTBank account balance with the code for gtb account balance, by dialling *737*6*1# on your phone and entering the security code. Your balance will be displayed on the screen or sent to you through SMS. Note, the gt bank code to check balance doesn’t just provide an easier way to know how much is in your account, but this particular short code for gtbank can also be used to find out your account number as well as BVN. This is how to use the gt bank balance code: 1. Dial *737*6*1# and follow the prompts that show up on your screen. 2. A real-time display of your current account balance and BVN number will be shown to you.

How to recharge your phone with the code to buy airtime from gtbank The gtb transfer code for airtime is there for you to use when you need to top up call credit or data subscription for you or a friend, and you do not have the time to go to a vendor to buy a recharge card. If you need how to buy card from gtbank, simply use the code, *737*Amount# to buy airtime for yourself. For how to transfer airtime from gtbank to another number use *737*Amount*PhoneNo# . For how to buy data from gtbank both for you and other people, dial *737*4#, then use the screen prompt to select if you want the data to be for you or someone else. This gtb mobile transfer code is available to every mobile network, works if you use it with your bank registered phone number, and directly debits your GT Bank account to complete the transaction.

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